Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Sanxia haoren / Still Life

Director: Zhang Ke Jia
Genre: drama
Language: Mandarin (w/ english subs)
Year Of Release: 2006
Length: 1hr 46min
Type of video: .avi (xvid)

Coalminer Han Sanming comes from Fengyang in Shanxi to the Three Gorges town Fengjie to look for his ex-wife whom he has not seen for 16 years. The couple meet on the bank of the Yangtze River and vow to remarry. Nurse Shen Hong also comes to Fengjie from Taiyuan in Shanxi to look for her husband who has not been home for two years. The couple embrace each other and waltz under the imposing Three Gorges dam, but feel they are so apart and decide to have a divorce. The old township has been submerged, while a new town has to be built. Life persists in the Three Gorges - what should be taken up is taken up, what should be cast off is cast off.

Slow, quiet and hypnotic; showing a crumbling community and two people trying to find things lost to them in it.
This movie is quite slow, but really well made, I wouldn't recommend this to people with a short attention span.

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icastico 7 October 2009 at 16:52  

I like what you are doing here. Beautiful images.

You may enjoy some of what I've got posted.

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