Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Nihei Tsutomu - Blame And So On Artbook

Nihei studied architecture and after that he went abroad to work one year in New York. After that year, he returned to Japan and decided to become a mangaka. He started at Koudansha's Afternoon, and has been Takahashi Tsutomu's assistant for a while (working on Jiraishin).

His most popular work goes by the name Blame! which later produced a series of spin offs and prequels as well as some sequels. Conveniently called Blame And So On this artbook provides a lot of great well scanned drawings of Blame and some other artwork he made. Definitely a must have for all fans of morbid and melancholic landscapes and megastructures.

Nihei Tsutomu / Link (72.4 mb)


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